The Northeast Comprehensive Center (NCC) continues to support the Vermont Agency of Education (AOE) in its efforts around teacher and leader effectiveness. The Agency established a Task Force in March 2011 to develop guidelines for teacher and leader evaluation. The NCC provides technical assistance to build capacity of the Task Force and the AOE to accomplish its aims.

Our state activities consist of:

  • Assisting the Vermont Agency of Education (AOE) Task Force to create a document entitled “Guidelines for Teacher and Leader Effectiveness” to guide the state’s approach to teacher and administrator evaluation.
  • Supporting the Vermont Agency of Education in the implementation of its “Teacher and Leader Effectiveness” guidelines, and assisting the state in refining its criteria for reviewing local educator evaluation models and is planning to support the state in developing an evaluation model for principals.
  • Serving as thought partners for exploring superintendent and business manager models of evaluation. For example, the NCC researched other state approaches for the training and evaluation for business managers.

Our Team

  • Felicia Brown, State Liaison
  • Kathy Dunne
  • Carol Keirstead

Contact Felicia Brown, the State Liaison, for more information or support.