The Vermont Agency of Education (AoE) aims to provide guidelines and support to Local Education Agencies (LEAs) so that LEAs can:

  • provide all students opportunities to learn through flexible pathways;
  • ensure those learning experiences are rigorous and meaningful; and
  • align those experiences to Performance Based Graduation Requirements to ensure the experiences meet students’ learning needs and goals as well as state expectations and standards.   

NCC will support the AoE to finalize, develop, and/or roll-out guidance tools and resources for LEAs around: 1) whether a learning opportunity can and should be included as a part of a student’s flexible pathway; 2) how and by whom a learning opportunity can be supervised; and 3) how to increase equitable access to flexible pathway learning opportunities for a variety of students. This project will result in the AoE, and in turn the LEAs, better understanding the components of strong practice for incorporating a variety of learning opportunities into proficiency-based flexible pathways and to ensure equitable access for all students.

For more information, contact Felicia Brown.

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