Year 6 Project Overview: Vermont Evaluating LEA Grant Applications

The Vermont Agency of Education (VT AOE) is responsible for evaluating grant applications that Local Education Agencies (LEAs) submit regarding how they will spend federal and state funds. The VT AOE wants to identify and implement a transparent, consistent, and replicable process and criteria to evaluate these applications to determine what programs, practices, or strategies are likely to yield the greatest return on investment in relation to the LEAs’ and state’s improvement priorities.

With NCC’s assistance and primarily driven by an internal cross-functional team put together for this purpose, the VT AOE will create criteria and rubrics to evaluate LEA grant applications, identify protocols for how the AoE can coherently put these rubrics into practice, and establish a communication plan for notifying LEAs of the changes in how their grant applications will be evaluated. This application evaluation process and criteria will be tied closely to the redesign of the grant management system and the implementation of the state’s ESSA plan, as well as be inclusive of the evidence-based intervention requirements for all grant applications in VTThe codified process will ultimately help the VT AOE to make well-informed, evidence-based decisions around the acceptance or denial of LEA applications, and increase the VT AOE’s capacity to provide effective technical assistance to LEAs to help them best leverage their investments for reaching their goals.

Progress to Date

  • An intra-agency, cross-functional task force has been established to draft criteria and make recommendations on process points, based on previous experience in myriad grant application processes and an understanding of needs within the Agency

Research, Resources and Collaborations

NCC will support VT AOE in facilitating its cross-functional task force, developing criteria and processes for evaluating LEA investment plans, disseminating information to the field to ensure the criteria are understood, and providing technical assistance to ensure effective response and action by LEAs.

Contact Person

For more information, contact Felicia Brown at

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