Ensuring that English language learners receive an education that prepares them for life after high school must be a priority for communities and states. In the current workplace, all students must be able to engage with complex texts, communicate effectively, think critically, and apply what they learn to new settings. This report outlines how states can align college and career ready standards with new English Language Proficiency Standards, and describes ways in which teachers, principals, and district and state leaders can re-envision curriculum, instruction and assessment to help English Language Learners access grade-level content while building their language proficiency. In particular, this report describes the shifts necessary in instruction for ELLs, including the importance of educational leaders working with their staffs to:

  • examine the standards and know the kinds of tasks students must undertake;
  • understand the shifts required to support the deeper content, performance, and language demands expected of the students; and
  • develop a foundational understanding of content pedagogy that incorporates an understanding of the specific language of the discipline.

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