NCC continues to work with Rhode Island to provide resources, guidance, and facilitation for priority initiatives of the RI Department of Education. These initiatives include the development of a Teaching and Learning Hub to share evidence-based practices under ESSA, support to refine educator effectiveness models, and guidance to support teacher retention in turnaround schools.

Our state activities consist of:

  • Providing technical assistance to a cross-agency task force to support the design and development of a RI Teaching and Learning Hub, which will provide examples of evidence-based practices aligned to state priorities.
  • Field-testing tools, including a Curriculum Audit Tool and professional learning protocols, for dissemination on the RI Teaching and Learning Hub.
  • Facilitating regular meetings of the RI Talent for Turnaround team to support strategic development, implementation and dissemination to address teacher induction and retention in turnaround schools.
  • Providing ongoing consultation to RIDE’s Educator Effectiveness workgroup to support RIDE’s development of model teacher evaluation systems, and providing assistance for RIDE to engage in the Great Teachers and Leaders Collaborative for Continuous Improvement for Education Effectiveness Systems.

Our Team

  • Nancy Gerzon, State Liaison
  • Johanna Barmore
  • Jeff Edmison
  • Scott Reynolds
  • Lee Rutledge

Contact Nancy Gerzon, the State Liaison, for more information or support.