Year 6 Project Overview: Rhode Island Teaching and Learning Hub

Under the Rhode Island Department of Education’s (RIDE) ESSA plan, RIDE will support Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to identify and select implementation strategies through a centralized, statewide hub. The purpose of the Teaching and Learning Hub is to: 1) provide a centralized location to share identified evidence-based strategies that have proven results in improving student achievement, 2) support LEAs to more quickly identify other LEAs or partners with a proven record of implementing specific strategies, and 3) share tools and resources, such as data analysis tools, planning practices, and rubrics that support turnaround and help schools meet the goals that are outlined in their school improvement plans. RIDE will also use the Teaching and Learning Hub to identify and share information about external, third-party organizations who have been successful in partnering with LEAs to help improve low-performing schools. NCC will assist RIDE in the Hub’s development, including clearly identifying criteria for evidence-based practice and high-quality strategies to disseminate this information so that these criteria are clear.

Progress to Date

  • RIDE has convened a cross-agency team and appointed leads for the work. NCC supported the project lead to develop an agenda for the initial meeting at which leaders from across RIDE defined the Teaching and Learning Hub: who would use it, in what way, and how often.
  • NCC staff fielded suggestions about the kinds of model sites they would be interested in examining, and have begun researching possible models and sources of inspiration for the work.
  • NCC staff have drawn on our multi-state experience in leading State Education Agencies to define important concepts, such as quality and an internal understanding of “evidence-based,” which supports RIDE’s cross-agency team as they define those concepts.

Research, Resources and Collaborations

NCC will help RIDE to plan for and participate in regional convenings with other states to maximize their learning and promote sharing of best practices.

Contact Person

For more information, contact Lee Rutledge at

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