Year 6 Project Overview: Rhode Island Great Teachers and Leaders Educator Effectiveness Collaborative

The Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) has been working over the past several years to ensure that educators in Rhode Island schools are evaluated using valid, reliable, and comparable systems and approaches. As a result, RIDE developed a comprehensive evaluation model and approved two additional models used by a smaller number of districts across the state. With the passage of ESSA and the interests of districts for different approaches to measuring student learning in those systems, RIDE needs technical assistance to consider how best to make changes to these models and to provide the necessary professional development to support effective implementation.

NCC will continue to support RIDE staff in the Office of Educator Effectiveness with the redesign of approved educator evaluation systems. NCC provides ongoing planning assistance to RIDE staff to develop plans for monthly meetings of the Educator Evaluation work group comprised of RIDE staff, union leaders, and district and school leaders. NCC staff then facilitate and provide consultation to the work group in accomplishing their meeting objectives and their short and long term goals. NCC also supports and prepares the work group to effectively participate in the national meetings of the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders’ (GTL Center) Collaborative for Continuous Improvement of Educator Effectiveness Systems initiative, and to learn with and from colleagues in other participating states.

As the result of this assistance, RIDE will have 1) developed and implemented a plan to make revisions in the state-approved models for educator evaluation, 2) revised and disseminated the model systems to districts with detailed information about the changes, and 3) provided professional development to districts piloting the revised model systems.

Progress to Date

  • NCC designed and facilitated strategic work sessions of the RIDE Collaborative team, as well as supported on-site assistance RIDE is providing to pilot districts.
  • NCC developed a survey for pilot districts to understand expectations and processes for the pilot and a vignette to reflect RIDE’s progress to-date through the collaborative work.

Research, Resources and Collaborations

NCC will assist RIDE in leveraging the resources provided through GTL Center’s Collaborative for Continuous Improvement of Educator Effectiveness Systems initiative, to make improvements in their model evaluation systems. NCC will help RIDE to plan for and participate in national meetings of participating states and GTL staff to maximize their learning and to position them to inform other states.

Contact Person

For more information, contact Kathy Dunne at

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