Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) has prioritized identifying and disseminating evidence-based strategies that have proven results in improving student achievement. To this end, RIDE is working to develop the RI Teaching and Learning Hub, a vehicle to organize and disseminate evidence-based practices around Rhode Island’s educational priorities. NCC is supporting the refinement of resources to guide LEAs to adopt and implement high quality curriculum and professional learning standards.

The scope of this project is to:

  • gather feedback from LEA pilot implementation of tools in order to revise and finalize district tools supporting implementation of professional learning;
  • refine and prepare for piloting district tools for adoption of high-quality curriculum;
  • provide a centralized online resource (the RI Teaching and Learning Hub) to share identified evidence-based resources and tools; and
  • build capacity for RIDE to provide state supports for districts to improve professional learning and adopt high quality curriculum.

NCC will assist RIDE in piloting evidence-based tools within selected LEAs, including interpreting feedback and revising tools and resources for LEA use. NCC will also support the development of a RI Teaching and Learning Hub, including strategies to disseminate evidence-based practice.

For more information, contact Nancy Gerzon.


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