The Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) is building on last year’s work to advance two core priorities with regard to teacher and principal effectiveness: piloting a second year of new student learning models, leveraging learnings from last year to support improved evidence collection for teacher evaluation, and refining the current principal evaluation system in order to more clearly differentiate principals’ levels of performance.

To assist them with these priority needs, NCC will consult and coordinate regularly with department staff to support these educator effectiveness work streams; scan research and identify effective tools for building and supporting building administrators; and engage with the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders and other partners and state leaders to learn about nationally emerging trends and strategies to continually improve teacher and principal effectiveness systems.

As the result of this assistance, RIDE will:

  • collect pilot data from Year 2 participants in the student learning pilot;
  • gain information on what is working well and not well with the current building administrator evaluation system;
  • identify recommended statewide practices to support effective teacher evaluation;
  • align internal work streams within the Teaching and Learning division; and
  • clarify potential changes to improve the state’s principal evaluation model.

For more information, contact Nancy Gerzon.

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