The Northeast Comprehensive Center Innovations in Learning Team, in collaboration with the Center on Innovations in Learning, led the development of the Virtual Learning Program (VLP) Rubric to enhance the capacity of state and local education agencies in the Northeast when employing virtual learning. The VLP Rubric project aligns with federal and state goals to promote innovations in teaching and learning and to realize goals set forth in technology plans or vision statements for states across the Northeast. The VLP Rubric includes the following chapters:

Chapter I: Introduction 

This chapter will introduce VLP Rubric users to the process employed in the development of the Rubric and the stakeholders who worked tirelessly to develop it.

Chapter II: Guiding Definitions

This chapter will familiarize SEAs and LEAs with definitions for terminology used in the VLP Rubric. This introductory document will build a clear understanding of concepts required to effectively assess the quality and rigor of virtual learning programs.

Chapter III: Virtual Learning Program Standards

This chapter will inform SEAs and LEAs of the core framework of the VLP Rubric. It will detail what learning program standards are, how and why they were developed, who should use them and why, and how they can be best used in practice.

Chapter IV: Virtual Learning Program Review Guide

This chapter will inform SEAs and LEAs about the collaborative process employed when developing the VLP Rubric. It will provide detail on the scope of the VLP Rubric, how and why it was developed, who should use it, and recommendations for implementation.

To download the VLP Rubric, click here.

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