Regional Talent For Turnaround Leadership Academy

The Northeast Comprehensive Center (NCC) collaborates with the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders (GTL Center), the Center on School Turnaround (CST), and the West Comprehensive Center to design and provide strategic support to State and Local Education Agency teams in attracting, supporting, and retaining educator talent in high-need, low-performing schools. The Talent for Turnaround Leadership Academy (T4TLA) was launched in December 2016 to support leadership teams from 9 states and 15 districts. In addition to providing leadership for the national technical assistance project, NCC provides ongoing assistance to two participating states and districts in the region.

Our activities consist of:

  • Supporting two T4TLA SEA-LEA teams: Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) with Central Falls and New Hampshire Department of Education (NHDOE) with Farmington. Each of these districts are low-performing and are focusing their efforts on their lowest performing schools.
  • Assisting T4TLA SEA-LEA teams to use evidence-based strategies for addressing gaps in the talent pipeline for low performing schools.
  • Helping teams to collect and analyze formative and summative data to determine the effectiveness of implementation and then improve their strategies to attract, support, and retain excellent educators in the highest need schools.
  • Designing professional learning opportunities for cross-state groups to delve into content related to priority strategies, such as Induction and Mentoring and Teacher Leadership, and informed by teams’ “problems of practice.”

Our Team

  • Carol Keirstead
  • Kathy Dunne

Contact Carol Keirstead for more information.