The NCC collaborates with the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders, the Center on School Turnaround, and the West Comprehensive Center to design and provide strategic support to State and Local Education Agency (SEA/LEA) teams in attracting, supporting, and retaining educator talent in high-need, low-performing schools. Teams include SEA leaders who support educator effectiveness and school turnaround efforts and district leaders who have the need and capacity for this work. Participating Regional Center staff facilitate the work of each SEA/LEA team. In Year 7, NCC will continue to serve as a co-lead in the national T4TLA (Cohort I) and provide intensive assistance to the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) – Central Falls School District team (RIDE-CFSD) in its work to carry out strategies for improving educator retention.

As the result of our technical assistance, Cohort I teams will have:

  • designed and implemented evidence-based strategies to address identified gaps in the talent pipeline for low-performing schools in represented district(s);
  • collected and analyzed formative and summative data to determine the effectiveness of implementation of their strategies and engage in continuous improvement to attract, support, and retain excellent educators in the highest need schools;
  • used knowledge gained from T4TLA to inform policy and practice at the LEA and SEA levels;
  • improved capacity to support district-level implementation of T4T strategies by effectively leveraging TA supports and resources; and
  • developed and implemented plans for sustaining and bringing to scale the work of the SEA/LEA teams.

The RIDE-CFSD team will have:

  • developed and implemented a plan to monitor and report on progress of their Comprehensive Induction Program;
  • developed and begun to implement a plan for scaling up the Comprehensive Induction Program; and
  • developed and begun to implement a leadership strategy for helping CFSD improve leader retention and advance its goals of equity, empowerment, and excellence.

For more information, contact Carol Keirstead or Kathy Dunne.

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