The Talent for Turnaround Leadership Academy (T4TLA) is a multi-year initiative designed to help states and districts address gaps in their talent pipelines for high need schools and districts. The Northeast Comprehensive Center collaborates with the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders, the Center on School Turnaround, and the West Comprehensive Center to support nine states and their district partners to:

  • Use and develop data systems that can identify strengths and gaps in talent systems and monitor changes over time;
  • Learn from and use research on strategies that work to address causes of gaps in the talent pipeline for high need schools and districts;
  • Develop, implement, and monitor comprehensive action plans that address gaps.

This infographic provides an overview of T4TLA, including the theory of action, project features, and examples of work underway in a sample of states.

In addition to helping lead the national T4TLA project, NCC supports two states in our region by providing ongoing strategic planning support, meeting facilitation, and by supporting teams in identifying and using research based resources that address their priority needs. The Rhode Island Department of Education’s offices of Educator Effectiveness and School Transformation are teaming with the Central Falls School District to address high teacher attrition in the district. They have designed and are implementing a Comprehensive Induction Program as an important first step. NCC is helping the New Hampshire Department of Education and the Farmington School District to improve working conditions through professional learning and use of Turnaround Competencies for School Leaders to strengthen leadership talent.

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