Regional Evidence-Based Learning Exchange

States are working to address the ESSA requirement that districts use evidence-based interventions in low-performing schools. The Northeast Comprehensive Center is supporting multiple states to design systems and resources that will both meet the standards for evidence-based interventions and be useful for districts to address needs in their low-performing schools.

Our activities consist of:

  • Facilitating a backward mapping process with states to investigate and clarify the why and how of evidence-based policies and practices outlined in their respective state plans.
  • Guiding SEA teams to identify and develop resources, policies, and procedures that recognize and reflect the needs and abilities of local districts and schools.
  • Working with SEAs to build capacity to support districts and schools in better understanding evidence-based interventions, including their selection, implementation, and evaluation.
  • Facilitating meetings of cross-state teams to develop resources on the use of evidence-based interventions that are informed by collaborative sharing and learning.

Our Team

  • Jack Schwarz
  • Lee Rutledge

Contact Jack Schwarz for more information.