Regional Evidence-Based Learning Exchange

The purpose of the regional evidence-based implementation learning exchange is to build the capacity of states to organize and strategically support the field around the use of evidence. The exchange will provide states with the opportunity to come together quarterly to not only learn, reflect, and plan around evidence use but also develop mutually supporting relationships with each other. Topics are based on existing and emerging state needs and are designed to be peer-lead. States will also be provided with actionable tools and materials to support each topic. Exchanges provide an opportunity for states to identify additional challenges to be addressed by NCC staff between meetings.

Our activities consist of:

  • Convening and facilitating four regional state-to-state learning exchanges on current and emerging ESSA implementation topics, including:
    • building internal state capacity around the use of evidence;
    • communication of the meaning and opportunity of evidence to the field;
    • conducting a rigorous needs assessment to inform the selection of evidence-based interventions; and,
    • the formation of research partnerships to investigate the effectiveness of promising local practices (i.e., Tier IV evidence).
  • Developing, together with state participating states, actionable tools and resources for internal group discussion and use as well as broader distribution, as appropriate.
  • Providing personalized state support around ESSA evidence use implementation topics, building on and reinforcing quarterly learning exchanges.

Our Team

  • Jack Schwarz
  • Nancy Gerzon
  • Lee Rutledge
  • Amanda Trainor

Contact Jack Schwarz for more information or support.