The NCC will convene and facilitate quarterly regional state-to-state learning exchanges around topics of evidence-based implementation under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Exchanges will feature the promising practices and lessons learned from participating states and actionable tools developed by the NCC to support the implementation of each topic. States will receive individualized technical assistance, based on need and request, between meetings, as appropriate. As a result, participating states will not only form peer-to-peer relationships but also build their capacity to organize and strategically support the field around the use of evidence. In particular, participants will develop and/or refine how the following ESSA evidence implementation topics pertain to their local context:

  • building internal state capacity around the use of evidence;
  • communication of the meaning and opportunity of evidence to the field;
  • conducting a rigorous needs assessment to inform the selection of evidence-based interventions; and,
  • the formation of research partnerships to investigate the effectiveness of promising local practices (i.e., Tier IV evidence).

For more information, contact Jack Schwarz.

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