At the Blended and Online Learning Summit, Jason Gaines, part of the Northeast Comprehensive Center’s Regional Innovations in Learning Team, presented a six-module course on computer-based testing (CBT). The course, which is free to school districts across the Northeast, exposes participants to effective CBT implementation, the research behind CBT best practices, and how continued collaboration through professional learning communities supports the development of CBT. Participants of the presentation walked away with information on how CBT implementation teams can access and participate in the free course.

Carlos Ramirez, Coordinator of the Office of Educational Design and Technology at the New York State Education Department, noted that “Over the past few years, computer-based testing (CBT) has gained interest in schools as a viable alternative to paper-and-pencil testing. CBT provides with an opportunity for comprehensive assessments and data availability to inform instruction, improving and personalizing education.

As any other adoption, meaningful Professional Development about what CBT means and can do for schools is critical for staff to effectively understand and take advantage of its features and benefits.

The Northeast Comprehensive Center has prepared a concise six-module online course on the steps to take to successfully implement CBT in your school and promote student achievement…”

See the presentation slides here.

Jason Gaines, Regional Innovations in Learning Team

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