NYSCATE Blended and Online Learning Summit Presentation

February 6, 2014 | Albany, NY

Members of the Northeast Comprehensive Center’s Innovations in Learning team are presenting at the NYSCATE Blended and Online Learning Summit on February 6, 2014 in Albany, NY. The team will be presenting on the following topics:

The first presentation titled, “Virtual Advanced Placement: A Critical Component of a Virtual Learning Program”, is moderated by the Northeast Comprehensive Center. It will present the work of Virtual Advanced Placement Program grantees on a panel alongside the New York State Education Department and program evaluation and monitoring partner Binghamton University. The panel will discuss the benefits, concerns, and best practices for implementing virtual advanced placement courses as part of a virtual learning program to ensure sustainability and scalability. The presentation will be centered around the NYSED Virtual Advanced Placement grant components and the regional virtual learning program rubric developed in partnership with leaders from  Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Rhode Island.

The second presentation titled, “Building an Environment for Computer-Based Testing” will present our six-module course, available free to New York State districts, which includes a needs assessment of district’s computer-based testing (CBT) readiness in four key functional areas. District participation in this lightly facilitated course affords access to practical tools and guidelines to implement a quality district CBT program. Through this presentation, participants will be exposed to a six-course module that details how to effectively implement computer-based testing programs, the research behind the best practices shared throughout the course, and how they can collaborate in a professional learning community through this course which will continue to support the development of such programs. Participants will also walk away with information on how district CBT program implementation teams can access and participate in the course at no cost.

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