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The Northeast Comprehensive Center (NCC) will continue to build on the technical assistance and professional development activities with the New York State Education Department (NYSED) that were initiated over the past two years. The work consists of supporting the state education department’s further priorities set forth in the Regents Reform Agenda, Race to the Top, and ESEA Flexibility waiver.

Our state activities consist of:

  • Supporting the state on the implementation of its ESEA Flexibility waiver through participation at stakeholder Think Tank meetings as well as implementation of the rollout of the new state diagnostic tool for school and district effectiveness (DTSDE) in the DTSDE Certification and Professional Learning Community programs.
  • Helping the state to think through strategies, including state structures and programs, to address the needs of chronically underperforming schools and districts.
  • Supporting new state legislative priorities, including the design and implementation of a school receivership program through ongoing consultation, technical assistance, and professional development.
  • Providing technical assistance around the career and technical education (CTE) policies and practices in other states, supporting the development of a New York CTE policy proposal.
  • Supporting the development, rollout and evaluation of CareerZone video modules in conjunction with NYSED and the New York State Department of Labor, aligned with NYSED Career Plan, CDOS standards, and college and career ready standards.
  • Supporting development and implementation of the PreK Foundation for the Common Core and program quality standards, including new tools and resources.
  • Facilitating the development of the DTSDE Learning Lab, an online professional development site that is designed to provide continuous training and support to all stakeholders involved in the DTSDE School and/or District Review Process.
  • Supporting the development of a statewide free online course repository for the NYSED Virtual Advanced Placement (VAP) program to host VAP courses developed through the grant.
  • Conducting presentations on the Virtual Learning Program (VLP) rubric to various audiences and facilitate monthly course offerings of the VLP Rubric User Training to interested SEAs and LEAs in the Northeast.
  • Facilitating the development and rollout of the Uncommon Approaches to the Common Core website, an online space providing Common Core aligned materials and resources related to New York State’s cultural institutions, open educational resources (OER), and cultural events.

Our Team

  • Jack Schwarz, State Liaison
  • Everett Barnes
  • Larry Hirsch
  • Sarah Hughes
  • Lee Rutledge
  • Anushka Shirali

Contact Jack Schwarz, the State Liaison, for more information or support.