The New York State School Turnaround Team has been researching and writing a brief that explores different states’ performance management systems to monitor school and district performance, including but not limited to the most chronically under-performing (e.g., Priority, Focus, SIG). The brief is being prepared to support NYSED in its continuous improvement efforts to examine how it can enhance its performance management, accountability, and support systems. Our focus for the brief is on supporting our client to examine how other states monitor district/school progress on implementation and results, help districts/schools revise practice if necessary, and employ means to hold districts/schools accountable and encourage appropriate actions.

The New York State Turnaround Team is also preparing to facilitate sessions at the fourth and final year-one Diagnostic Tool for School and District Effectiveness (DTSDE) Certification training, which will occur July 22-23. One particular NCC role will involve leading a session on participants’ District Capacity Plan where participants will engage in internal planning for continuation of the work in the next school year, identifying major levers that will influence the success of their continued DTSDE implementation, and exploring connections and relationships that participants may want to form with each other and with NCC to receive ongoing coaching and other support next year.

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