The New York State Education Department’s Office of Early Learning (NYSED OEL) in partnership with the Northeast Comprehensive Center (NCC) hosted a one-day retreat to prepare for the revision and update of the New York State Prekindergarten Foundation for the Common Core (PK Foundation). Originally developed in 2011, the PK Foundation document was created as a specialized standards document aligned to New York’s Common Core standards by the the New York State Education Department in collaboration with the New York State Early Childhood Advisory Council. The purpose of this document was to serve as a clear and comprehensive resource for prekindergarten professionals. In 2017, New York’s Board of Regents adopted newly revised Next Generation Standards, prompting the need to update the PK Foundation.

To support this work, the NCC developed a multi-step process to review the Prekindergarten Foundation standards, align them with Next Generation Standards, and ensure that they continue to guide early childhood professionals, as well as meet the unique needs of students. The Prekindergarten Foundation document included a set of aligned standards to existing K-12 standards and expanded to other key early childhood domain areas, including Approaches to Learning, Physical Development and Health, Social and Emotional Development, and Approaches to Communication. It also included essential guiding principles, research and resources, and sample templates.

During the one-day session facilitated by the NCC, staff members from the Office of Early Learning were organized into teams tasked with reviewing different domain areas of revised standards and identifying issues or supports needed for clarification, guidance, or alignment of the standards to the Next Generation standards for K-12. The teams focused on the following domains during this one day session: Science, Arts, Social Studies, Social and Emotional Development, Approaches to Learning, Approaches to Communication, Physical Development/Health, and Technology.

To learn more, view the retreat agenda and an overview of the standards review process.


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