NCC will continue to support the New York State Education Department’s (NYSED) efforts to finalize the Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education Framework by collecting feedback from other external stakeholder organizations and supporting the development of a final draft that will be presented to the Board of Regents in December 2018. NYSED staff will build capacity to improve organizational structures and processes through development of group agendas, post-meeting notes, and summary reports. NYSED will also collect artifacts from stakeholders with regard to work currently happening in the field, and for feedback collected online, NYSED will build capacity through development of survey instruments, feedback reports, and positive statements from stakeholders about the framework and through new feedback showing that the changes requested after the first draft was shared have been incorporated into a second draft.

In the middle-term, NYSED staff will improve organizational structures and processes by using a more structured approach to manage the project that can be presented along with the framework to the Board of Regents. Capacity is evidenced by a well articulated Implementation Plan, Communication Plan, and Professional Development Plan. NYSED will also have strategies to engage with high influencers who were present at the stakeholder meetings.

In the long-term, NYSED staff will build capacity with improved materials and assets through webinars and supporting the development of other resources to build the awareness and capacity of educators and administrators to improve the climate of all schools. NYSED has contracted several professors in the field of teacher education and education leadership to assist with the design of resources needed to support district-level leadership, school-level leadership, and teachers in the implementation of this framework. NYSED capacity is evidenced by curated and archived collections of digital resources in multiple formats, as well as impact stories collected from the field once the framework has been introduced, demonstrating NYSED’s ongoing commitment to supporting culturally responsive education practices.

For more information, contact Anushka Shirali.

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