Year 6 Project Overview: New York Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages Diagnostic Tool

New York State has one of the largest and most diverse English Language Learner/Multilingual Learner (ELL/MLL) populations in the United States. The Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages (OBEWL) provides guidance, technical assistance, and support to districts, schools, and other organizations in the development of programs for ELL/MLL students.

In an effort to streamline and structure site visits conducted by OBEWL, NCC will synthesize the forms and procedures currently in place to ensure that all reviewers approach each monitoring visit and/or compliance audit through the same lens. Further, NCC will develop an online self-evaluation tool to help facilitate district engagement with the monitoring process and provide them with a way to better prepare for monitoring visits and the preparation of their annual report, the Comprehensive ELL Education Plan (CEEP). This will allow LEAs to measure their effectiveness in meeting requirements and providing services to ELL/MLLs.

NCC will provide:

  • Research findings on existing ELL/MLL diagnostic tools used by SEAs to assess programs and service for ELL/MLL students.
  • Assistance with development of diagnostic tool.
  • Support to the department to pilot the diagnostic tool with selected districts to receive feedback and with dissemination efforts.

Contact Person

For more information, contact Anuskha Shirali at

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