Year 6 Project Overview: New York Instructional Technology

The Educational Design and Technology (ED&T) office at the New York State Education Department (NYSED) coordinates programs and initiatives that promote the effective integration of technology in educational environments statewide. ED&T has received numerous requests from Local Education Agencies (LEAs) interested in connecting with others who have successfully implemented educational technology programs (e.g., blended learning). Being able to provide user-friendly information about innovative instructional technology programs through a database or platform will promote collaboration and information sharing across LEAs, as well as take the state a step closer in their vision to create a digital transformation.

NCC will support NYSED with the development of a platform, program, and method to connect local innovation initiatives to increase scope, scale, and the effectiveness of technology initiatives. The goal is to create a network to allow educators and administrators within the state to connect and share information regarding instructional technology integration and digital conversion efforts. As a result, 1) ED&T will improve their ability to respond to requests around local innovation efforts, 2) LEAs will have a platform to reach out to each other to learn more about successful programs and associated challenges, and 3) ED&T will have a better understanding of the educational technology needs across the state.

Research, Resources and Collaborations

NCC reached out to the Northwest Rural Innovation and Student Engagement (NW RISE) Network to learn about their efforts to support rural schools. The network convenes teachers and leaders from some of the Northwest’s most isolated and remote communities to learn from each other, share strategies to meet their unique challenges, and spread best practices of the region’s rural schools.

Contact Person

For more information, contact Anushka Shirali at

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