Year 6 Project Overview: New York Evidence-Based Interventions

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) is further refining the way in which it supports and intervenes in the most chronically underperforming schools and districts, aiming to provide more intensive support and guidance in areas with the greatest need. The support and resources provided by the state, therefore, are high-leverage and must be approached with the appropriate forethought. Since the field has been overloaded with information of varying degrees of effectiveness, this project serves as an opportunity to recommit to get clearer about the use evidence through the development of processes that aid in its selection, use, and evaluation.

NYSED has asked NCC to provide guidance on the design of tools and resources to build the capacity around the identification, use, and evaluation of appropriate evidence-based strategies. NCC will also work with the state to monitor and make revisions to the design and delivery of the state evidence-based processes and protocols.

As a result of this work, NYSED will: 1) create an initial selection of evidence-based practices that will provide guidance to schools and districts in identifying high-leverage turnaround practices and initiatives, 2) develop a process and guidance for schools and districts to identify and implement evidence-based interventions that meet ESSA requirements and local needs, and 3) participate in a regional evidence-based learning community with other states.

Progress to Date

The NCC participated in a Think Tank meeting in Albany and continued conversations around the state plan for evidence-based interventions. The purpose of the Think Tank meeting was to discuss the submission of the ESSA state plan and the early stages of implementation. NCC shared recent trends in state plans around evidence-based practices and collaboratively developed a plan of deliverables for the year, including the development of tools to support state planning discussions in this area.

NCC facilitated a virtual conversation about evidence-based for senior staff at NYSED. The conversation sought to build internal state capacity and clarify remaining questions needed to take the next step in internal evidence-based planning following the submission of the state ESSA plan. An NCC-developed state evidence-based planning tool guided the conversation. The tool can be a support for future internal state discussions.

The NCC continues to share preliminary lessons learned in other states with New York as they refine their evidence approach. The NCC is providing targeted feedback to New York during the planning phase as the state moves closer to implementation.

Research, Resources and Collaborations

One resource the NCC has used with NYSED in this work is an analysis of evidence-based policies described in early ESSA plans by Results for America. In addition, the NCC has performed its own analysis of ESSA plans, including the second round of submissions, in gathering patterns and promising practices for use with CSDE.

The Ohio State Department of Education recently launched a web-portal called Empowered By Evidence. It provides helpful and easy to understand information on the ESSA evidence requirements and what they mean for schools and districts.

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