NCC’s Year 7 early learning work represents a new phase of work stemming from Year 6 to strengthen prekindergarten–3rd grade (P3) approaches within a standards-based framework. NCC’s work will focus on assisting the New York State Education Department’s (NYSED) Office of Early Learning (OEL) and the Office of Curriculum and Instruction to develop resources and professional development opportunities to promote and share high quality practices that support implementation of revised standards in prekindergarten–3rd grade, including the revision of New York State’s comprehensive prekindergarten standards resource and the development of a companion kindergarten standards resource. The project will focus on:

  • finalizing a working draft of the prekindergarten standards resource;>
  • facilitating the development of a kindergarten standards resource;
  • updating resource sets for each domain to align with the new prekindergarten standards resource;
  • supporting the development and sharing of a P3 document about purposeful play;
  • designing and developing professional development activities including webinars and in-person workshops;
  • promoting cross-office collaboration between Office of Early Learning, Office of Curriculum and Instruction, and the Early Childhood Advisory Council to strengthen P3 and birth–age 8 standards alignment and implementation, including work with the Staff/Curriculum Development Network’s newly forming early learning committee;
  • supporting the Office of Early Learning’s annual statewide institute; and
  • providing ongoing consultation to the Office of Early Learning.

As a result, NYSED will have increased their understanding and knowledge of how to support local implementation of newly revised P3 learning standards with focused attention to developmentally appropriate and responsive teaching in prekindergarten in particular.

For more information, contact Sarah Hughes.

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