New York State has one of the largest and most diverse English Learners/Multilingual (EL/MLL) populations in the United States with over 240,000 EL/MLLs encompassing a wide range of linguistic diversity. Currently, the New York State Education Department’s (NYSED) Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages (OBEWL) uses an annual report, the CR Part 154 Comprehensive ELL Education Plan (CEEP), as its mechanism to monitor and provide feedback to districts regarding their compliance in implementing EL/MLL programs and services. A new Section I: District Graduation & Dropout Rate Prevention Plan was added to this year’s report.

The scope of this project includes not only project management but the gathering and synthesizing of stakeholder input via Section I of the CEEP, analysis of information shared, production of the final report, and content for a web page titled “Dropout Recovery and Prevention Community Page.” NCC is partnering with OBEWL to increase the agency’s capacity in the areas of research, data analysis, data synthesis and presentation, meeting facilitation, and document production.

NYSED in the short term will have an increased understanding by OBEWL staff of different systems that need to be in place including early warning indicators to identify potential risk for dropout evidenced by participation in peer collaboration networks on similar topics. By receiving the NCC report on the data analysis of the CEEP, NYSED will have an increased understanding by OBEWL staff of NYS districts’ plans to address graduation and dropout rates for English learners evidenced by feedback on recommendations made in the report. The final product of this work will be a report on the findings of the data collected from the District Graduation & Dropout Rate Prevention Plans that will be shared with the Commissioner to plan future initiatives and will be shared with districts in NY so that they can learn from their peers and make changes to their existing programs to better support English as a new language students. 

For more information, contact Cerelle Morrow.

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