The New York State Education Department (NYSED) is seeking assistance with the development of Computer Science Standards. The timeline is aggressive; the Commissioner expects Standards to be adopted by December 2019.  Because there is significant cross-over between Computer Science and Educational Technology, New York is also planning to create Digital Literacy Standards, either in combination with or concurrent to the Computer Science Standards.

During Year 7, NCC staff will work with NYSED’s Office of Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Design and Technology, Office of Data Systems and Educational Technology and the Instructional Services–Science Division to provide knowledge around Computer Science Standards, facilitation, technical assistance and project management expertise. This will include:

  • collecting computer science and digital literacy standards development best practices from other states to inform NYSED’s Computer Science Standards;
  • supporting NYSED to identify stakeholders who will be part of the review committee and helping plan and facilitate in-person and virtual work group sessions; and
  • preparing reports with stakeholder feedback to inform next steps.

The long term outcome for this project is that NYSED will meet their goal of submitting draft standards with accompanying documents by December 2019.

For more information, contact Anushka Shirali.

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