The Center for College and Career Readiness and Success recently summarized research findings and strategies for incorporating college and career readiness into state and local policy and released the following briefs:

How Are States Reporting on College and Career Readiness, describes the range of college and career readiness measures that states publicly report. This brief identifies state metrics that may correlate to or predict college and career readiness in the areas of:

  • Academic content
  • Pathway knowledge
  • Lifelong learning skills
  • Postsecondary outcomes

This Ask the CCRS Center brief also provides recommendations on what states can be doing to measure students’ college and career readiness.

State Approaches to Competency-Based Education to Support College and Career Readiness for All Students, assists state education agency staff in building their knowledge and capacity to support the development of CBE. This brief highlights examples of policies, guidance, and approaches that other states have adopted to facilitate the use of CBE.

Both briefs can be found at the CCRS website:

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