At the July 22-23 New York State DTSDE Certification session, NCC will interview and film individual participants from the 2013-2014 SY Certification program to gain their reflections about the program. NCC will also interview a discussion panel of participants. NCC will then assist NYSED with creating videos from this film.

This entire project will focus on the experiences of the certification participants during their first year of training.  The purpose of this video is to improve the program moving forward and to introduce and promote this program to other Districts/Schools across the State of New York.

NCC staff members developed the individual interview questions and will conduct and film the interviews. A framework for the individual interview questions may be found here.

 The moderated panel discussion of Certification participants will center on their new learning and the thinking behind the DTSDE.  NCC partner, The New York Institute of Technology will conduct the filming of the panel discussion.  Panelists will be asked, for example:

  • Describe the Certification experience and process
  • What were their program expectations?
  • What were some of the lessons learned?
  • How has this new learning impacted them and what implications does this have for their districts?

The panel discussion will occur on the 2nd day of the DTSDE Institute.

This summer Institution has been expanded to more than 300 participants across the state.  The purpose of the institute is to build the learning and expertise of participants about the DTSDE review process.  For example, in February of 2014 the Institute focused training around highly effective and effective practice across all 5 tenets.  NYSED envisions that the panel segment will give summer Institute observers greater insights about the review process while supporting its sustainability and replication.

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