The New York State Education Department’s Office of Curriculum and Instruction and the Office of Early Learning worked in collaboration with the Northeast Comprehensive Center (NCC) to support the roll-out of New York’s Next Generation Learning Standards. At the New York State Next Generation Learning Standards: Supporting All Students Conference, which took place on November 30, 2017 in Saratoga Springs and again March 28, 2018 in Rochester, the NCC conducted a workshop titled “Standards and the Instructional Cycle: A Resource for Prekindergarten – 3rd Grade,” in which participants had an opportunity to engage in discussions about implementation of the newly revised standards, and work through a process for supporting effective planning across all domains of learning at the local level. The workshop also introduced participants to a tool for understanding and communicating the relationships and distinctions between learning standards, curriculum, instruction, and assessment in the early grades.  

The planning tool was developed by the NCC for school administrators and teachers to use in structuring meetings and conversations about the elements that support the Prekindergarten to 3rd Grade (P-3) instructional cycle within the context of New York State’s Next Generation Early Learning Standards. This planning tool includes a range of materials, such as pre-meeting assignments that introduce participants to the standards, handouts with talking points for different scenarios, presentation slide template, and a handout depicting the elements of the instructional cycle and their relationships. These materials can be readily adapted and modified by facilitators to reflect the unique context of their school communities and the needs of their teachers and students.  

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For additional resources, visit the New York State Next Generation Learning Standards: Supporting All Students Conferences website.

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