The Northeast Comprehensive Center provides support to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE) to assist agency leaders in designing and leading priority initiatives identified by the Commissioner and agency leaders. Our work is carried out over time with ongoing assistance provided to build leadership, structural, and systems capacity to help the ESE meet its aims.

Our state activities consist of:

  • Supporting the Office of English Language Acquisition and Academic Achievement (OELAAA) to increase ESE’s understanding and knowledge of Sheltered English Immersion (SEI) to inform the development of an SEI programmatic guidance document. NCC assists ESE and a workgroup of key stakeholders in learning from research and best practice and applying that knowledge in creating guidance for educators to help them better meet the needs of English learners in schools across the state. NCC provides strategic assistance in designing and facilitating meetings of the ESE and its workgroup in the development of the SEI guidance document and resources.
  • Supporting the Office of Best Practices in School Turnaround to expand the suite of best practice videos created with NCC support over the past three years. Having created eight videos that feature research based practices in successful school turnaround, NCC is working with ESE to create additional videos and podcasts that will feature best practices in areas not yet featured in the Turnaround Practices in Achievement Gain Schools Video Series.
  • Building on support provided over the past three years to assist ESE in the development and implementation of their Equity Plan, NCC is assisting the Office of Federal Programs at ESE in the design and implementation of Equity Labs through which districts are assisted in developing local plans to address gaps in the equitable access to effective educators. NCC consults with the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders to inform assistance and provide current information.

Our Team

  • Carol Keirstead, State Liaison
  • Cerelle Morrow
  • Felicia Brown
  • Kevin Perks
  • Andrea Reade
  • Susan Villani

Contact Carol Keirstead, the State Liaison, for more information or support.