The Northeast Comprehensive Center provides support to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (ESE) to assist agency leaders in designing and leading priority initiatives identified by Commissioner Mitchell Chester and key education leaders. Our work is carried out over time with ongoing assistance provided to building leadership, structural, and systems capacity to help the ESE meet its aims.

Our state activities consist of:

  • Working alongside SEA leaders to assess the strengths and gaps in their system of support for chronically underperforming districts and to design for system improvements toward accelerating outcomes and addressing sustainability. Throughout the year, NCC consults with the Center on School Turnaround and other relevant resources to inform consultation and provide ESE with relevant information.
  • Consulting with MA ESE and a third party videographer to create videos on Massachusetts schools that have succeeded in raising student performance and meeting goals for school turnaround.
  • Assisting ESE leaders to provide support to districts implementing important, complex priority initiatives in times of waning budgets. NCC is working with ESE leaders to design and implement strategies to encourage and support district access of robust data and tools through their Edwin analytics data system to inform resource allocation for strengthening outcomes for students. NCC brokers support from the Building State Capacity and Productivity Center for consultation on how to best support districts in conducting Return on Investment analyses using the Edwin system.
  • Working with the ESE Office of Language Acquisition and Academic Achievement to engage educators in the development of standards based model curricula units for educators of English language learners. These units will be made available to educators statewide to support best practices in ELL education.
  • Providing technical assistance to support ESE’s comprehensive planning process to engage stakeholders in identifying and understanding the root causes of gaps in students’ equitable access to effective educators. NCC consults with the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders and the Equitable Access Support Network to inform assistance and provide current information.

Our Team

  • Carol Keirstead, State Liaison
  • Felicia Brown
  • Jeff Edmison
  • Cerelle Morrow
  • Lee Rutledge
  • Jack Schwarz
  • Anushka Shirali
  • Susan Villani

Contact Carol Keirstead, the State Liaison, for more information or support.