Energetic, passionate, intelligent, and innovative describe two facilitators and their students whose student technology support teams are serving as models for schools across Massachusetts. Algonquin Regional High School and Haverhill High School have collaborated with Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (MA ESE) and the Northeast Comprehensive Center (NCC) to produce videos on how they established a student technology support team and continuously enhance the services they provide.

With the increasing number of educational technology devices being used in schools, some IT departments are finding it difficult to keep pace with technological support needs. To meet the growing needs of students and faculty, several districts  in Massachusetts have implemented innovative programs where students take on the role of providing technology support. These programs have the dual purpose of bridging the gap in technology support and offering students real-world experience.

Algonquin Regional High School’s student technology support team, Students Working to Advance Technology also known as the SWAT team, is led by Instructional Technology Teacher Julie Doyle and supported by her students Henry Liu and Michelle Tremblay. The SWAT team researches new technologies, provides tutorials on how to use various classroom technologies, and various forms of technical support to staff and students. Haverhill High School’s student technology support team, the iTeam, is led by Technology Facilitator Brian Nagel and includes an exemplary student group that delivers technical support to staff and students. The iTeam uses a help desk ticket management system to keep the team on task and to document services provided. Students on the iTeam have an opportunity to serve in leadership positions as they grow within the program, while also presenting their work at relevant conferences and events.

NCC is supporting MA ESE as they promote the setting up of student technology programs to help districts support understaffed IT departments; increase the use of technology in instruction and the classroom; and develop important workforce readiness skills. NCC will be working with the high school teams to get their story to more schools and districts across the state.

To learn more about how Algonquin Regional High School and Haverhill High School established their incredible student technology support teams, visit MA ESE’s Student Technology Support Teams web page for videos, testimonials, and supplemental resources: http://goo.gl/SO0RFl.

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