Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s (DESE) commitment to the academic success and immense potential of English learners (ELs) is the basis for the state’s vision for equity for ELs articulated in the RETELL (Rethinking Equity and Teaching for English Language Learners) Initiative, it’s Next Generation ESL Resource Guide, and Sheltered English Instruction Programmatic Guidance document (forthcoming). As research, policy, and learning standards continue to shift, Massachusetts is committed to supporting districts ongoing efforts in strengthening and supporting EL programs and instruction in a necessary and coherent way.

One way it plans to do this is by developing a common, unifying statewide vision for what an excellent education looks like for ELs. In addition, this vision will then be unpacked in order to create an accompanying EL Blueprint—a clear, sound educational theory and a theory of action and a clear set of expectation leading to college, career and civic readiness. In addition to the EL vision and blueprint, DESE also wishes to create a statewide roadmap for its English learners to help LEAs more easily find and use Office of Language Acquisition (OLA) guidance and information.  

NCC will assist the MA Office of English Language Acquisition (OLA) by:

  • providing ongoing support and guidance to DESE in the facilitation and engagement of stakeholders as they develop a unifying statewide vision for English learners and English learner blueprint and roadmap;
  • acting as a thought partner as DESE ams collects feedback from stakeholders and incorporates this feedback into its documents;
  • working collaboratively with the OLA to increase coherence, organization, clarity, and user-friendliness of all of its current English learner guidance;
  • providing support as OLA works to disseminate the new vision, blueprint and roadmap.

For more information, contact Cerelle Morrow.

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