Year 6 Project Overview: Massachusetts Best Practices In School Turnaround

For the past two years, NCC has assisted the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (MA ESE) and a third party videographer in the development of videos documenting research based practices in low-performing schools that have led to significant gains in student achievement. A total of nine videos have been created for the Turnaround Practices in Achievement Gain Schools series and are used for professional learning purposes by MA ESE. This year, the Director of the Office of Effective Turnaround Practices has requested that NCC support the creation of two additional videos highlighting best practices in school turnaround.

NCC will work with MA ESE to: 1) identify the sites to be considered as engaging in best practices, 2) conduct day-long visits to schools to collect data on practices and analyze data to identify practices to feature in video, and 3) work with the videographer and MA ESE to conduct videotaping at the sites to capture the practices identified. NCC will then assist in reviewing video data, identifying footage that best captures practices, and develop an EDL (Edit Decision List) for the videographer to use in creating the videos. As a result of this work, MA ESE will have two videos highlighting best practices in inclusion and charter-district collaboration.

Progress to Date

  • NCC has collaborated with MA ESE Office of District and School Turnaround to identify the practices to be featured in two new videos that will augment the suite of Turnaround Practices in Achievement Gain Schools videos developed to date.
    • Best practices in family engagement associated with improved outcomes for students is being produced based on the work of Watson Elementary School in Fall River. NCC helped to plan and conduct a site visit on April 11, 2018 to conduct interviews and observe practices to inform the focus of the video. On May 21, 2018, NCC co-led video-taping of staff, student, parent, and community member interviews for the a-roll footage as well as school practices, artifacts, and activities for use as b-roll. NCC will assist the video production team and ESE in reviewing footage and preparing an Edit-Decision List (EDL) from which the videographer will produce the first video draft.
    • Best practices in Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) will be featured in a video based on the successful work at Grew Elementary School in Boston. A site visit for data collection and videotaping of the identified practices and activities was conducted on June 5, 2018. NCC will assist in reviewing all video footage and developing an Edit Decision List (EDL) for the videographer.

Research, Resources and Collaborations

Contact Person

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