To date, NCC has supported the Maine Department of Education (ME DOE) in enhancing how it manages, displays, and provides access to performance data for various stakeholders, including parents and families. The work in Year 7 will focus on assisting ME DOE to effectively communicate Maine’s accountability framework and performance data, as well as available supports, to all stakeholders.

In the short term, NCC will support ME DOE by facilitating bi-weekly internal stakeholder meetings. Mid-year outcomes will include the development of a communications plan for sharing the ESSA accountability framework and reporting system to local education agencies (LEAs).

As part of this communications plan, NCC will:

  • assist ME DOE in developing a toolkit of strategies, protocols, guidelines, and other resources to be used when sharing the new ESSA accountability framework with LEAs, as well as a toolkit for LEAs to use when communicating with their local stakeholders; and
  • assist ME DOE in developing a toolkit of resources and tools for LEAs to use to support school improvement efforts intended to help LEAs meet the new accountability requirements and performance metrics.

For more information, contact Robin Ahigian.

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