The NCC will help the Maine Department of Education (ME DOE) build capacity to support two priorities related to developing a high quality educator workforce across the state. The first is around reducing teacher shortages; the second is on improving systems of performance evaluation and professional growth.

In relation to implementing strategies to reduce the teacher shortage, Maine has prioritized strategies that were shared in “Maine Schools for Excellence: Recommendations and Strategies for Strengthening Partnerships to Ensure a Workforce of Effective Educators for All Maine Students.” The NCC will help ME DOE monitor and to the extent possible, enact the prioritized strategies.

In regard to improving Performance Evaluation and Professional Growth (PEPG) support, Maine continues to implement new PEPG systems across the state. Based on input from the field, and legislative changes, ME DOE is focused on providing targeted support to the mentoring, induction, and SLO components of these systems. NCC will help build capacity of LEAs by guiding ME DOE in the analysis, reflection, and distribution of support for these key areas.

For more information, contact Scott Reynolds.

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