Year 6 Project Overview: Maine Educator Effectiveness

Maine’s Professional Evaluation and Professional Growth (PEPG) system is in its early phases of implementation. Without support for effective implementation from the Maine Department of Education (MEDOE), the new statewide evaluation system could easily become more of a compliance-based activity. NCC has been asked to build MEDOE’s capacity to provide this much needed support. NCC’s help is also needed with the transition as the state brings on a new educator effectiveness coordinator. In addition, work that had begun in Year 5 must continue in order to provide professional development for district and school leaders of low-performing schools to address working conditions as a strategy for improving educator effectiveness and addressing gaps in equitable access to effective educators in low performing schools.

As a result of this assistance, MEDOE will have:

  • increased their understanding and knowledge of how to support their districts’ implementation of educator effectiveness systems,
  • provided regional professional development sessions supporting districts in the implementation of PEPG, and
  • made professional development resources available for ongoing support to districts.

In addition, districts supporting low-performing schools will learn how to develop plans to improve the working conditions in schools as a strategy for improving educator effectiveness and addressing gaps in the equitable access to effective educators in low-performing schools.

Progress to Date

NCC has met with the state leads to discuss the project work-plan and timelines for this project. A timeline and priority strategies are in development.

Research, Resources and Collaborations

NCC will partner with the GTL Center and REL-NEI to conduct professional learning sessions and provide local support for data driven planning.

Contact Person

For more information, contact Scott Reynolds at

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