NCC has continued working with the New York State Education Department’s Office of Early Learning to support implementation of the Prekindergarten Foundation for the Common Core and their development of tools and resources that promote understanding and use of research-based and promising practices that support children’s learning and development outcomes.

The latest tool, Creating Rich Language and Literacy Environments for Young Learners, was designed as a resource set for teachers, specialists, coaches and leaders to reflect on and plan robust language and literacy environments and interactions that support young children’s language and literacy skills and development. The tool includes:

  • Key information about the importance of language and literacy in the early years, including what it means to develop a rich environment
  • Tips to help teachers plan ahead as they build rich literacy environments to support oral language, phonological awareness, print awareness, and alphabet knowledge
  • Language building tips to remind teachers and other adults about creating opportunities for children to engage in the kind of talk that builds language and thinking skills
  • Checklist of key features of a rich literacy environment
  • Observation and reflection exercise for teachers to observe, evaluate, and reflect on hands-on literacy materials and resources used by children
  • School-wide worksheet for leaders and teachers to reflect on program improvement, resources, and supports that promote rich language and literacy environments

For more information, please visit this page.

Check back again to see the next resource set that will focus on supporting young children’s cognition and knowledge of the world.

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