The Maine Department of Education (ME DOE) recently presented their new model of school support under the Every Student Succeeds Act. In the new model, summative ratings will be replaced by indicators—Chronic Absenteeism, Academic Progress or Graduation Rate (for elementary/middle school or high school, respectively), Academic Achievement, and English Language Proficiency. By tracking individual indicators and the health of the schools, support will be tailored to address the specific needs of schools.

“Essentially it’s a plan to make sure that economically disadvantaged students have equitable access to high-quality educators and access to a high-quality education,” says Janette Kirk, Acting Director of the Office of Learning Systems.

As part of this work, the NCC is assisting ME DOE to enhance how it manages, displays, and provides access to performance data for various stakeholders, including parents and families. This includes ensuring Maine’s accountability framework and performance data, as well as available supports, is effectively communicated to all stakeholders.

View the news article and video to learn more:

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