This toolkit,  the Practitioner Data Use in Schools Workshop,  is designed to help teachers and administrators use education data more systematically and accurately. The workshop introduces teams of practitioners to a data inquiry cycle and provides them with a set of structured activities to identify and investigate a specific question and make decisions about instructional planning. Participants create a data plan and a process they can use in their own schools and districts. The workshop can be customized for specific contexts where participants practice with their own sources of data.

Leaders in early learning could use the toolkit to develop a workshop, share with local practitioners, and/or explore the types of developmentally appropriate assessments that could be used as “sources of data” in the early years across the domains of learning. For example, observations, children’s work, parent insights, anecdotal records, teacher-developed checklists, performance assessments, and norm-referenced tests. The toolkit could be a practical way to kick-start conversations about organizing assessment information, ensuring appropriate use and implementation of assessment, utilizing information to individualize instruction, communicating information with parents, and reflecting on program implications.

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