On July 22, 2014, NCC staff members facilitated a session at the final 2014-2015 DTSDE Certification training (the inaugural year of the program).

The session enabled district participants to: 1) gain a more refined understanding of a pivotal factor/problem that will mediate their district’s ability to deepen and expand their DTSDE work, and 2) craft a preliminary action plan for addressing this factor/problem, including ideas for inter- and intra-district collaboration that will support addressing the factor/problem.

Participants also gave feedback to NYSED on structures that would enhance their ability to collaborate during SY 2014-2015, in what will be the second year of the initial cohort participation in the Certification training.

This session was the culmination of an exciting year of technical assistance from NCC for NYSED on the high priority initiative of the DTSDE Certification program.

Outcomes for LEA participants over the year included gaining:

  • the ability to lead a DTSDE review and write a quality DTSDE report;
  • a deepened  understanding of the DTSDE process, including the knowledge and skills to champion and sustain the work in their districts;
  • the capability to create and share a vision for the DTSDE in their district; and
  • the capacity to take actions that foster attainment of the vision, including delivery of professional development on the DTSDE.

Over this past school year NCC contributed to NYSED’s ability to:

  • help districts analyze their capacity to scale the DTSDE and formulate strategies to address areas for growth;
  • explore how a diagnostic review best conveys recommendations to schools and districts; and
  • scale DTSDE expertise across the state.
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