On July 22, 2014, NCC staff members will facilitate a session at the final 2014-2015 DTSDE Certification training.

The objective of the session is to enable district participants to gain a more refined, deeper understanding of what one pivotal factor/problem is that will mediate districts’ ability to deepen and expand their DTSDE work and a preliminary action plan for addressing this factor/problem, including ideas for inter- and intra-district collaboration that will support addressing the factor/problem.

Guiding Questions:

  • What is a pivotal factor/problem that if addressed would powerfully enhance your ability to deepen, expand, and sustain the DTSDE process in your district?
  • What collaboration structures, including at the year two, cohort 2 Certification sessions, would support you in addressing your key factor/problem?

Anticipated Objective:

  • Districts gain further refinement on their pivotal factor/problem.
  • Receive a structured way to develop an appreciation for the complexity of their pivotal factor/problem in order to avoid the inclination to start out by “solving” the problem before it has been fully defined
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