The Internet is an important aspect of our society, making its use extremely valuable and critical to our lives. Unfortunately, not every member of society  has the privilege of accessing the Internet, which creates a barrier to access the web-based social sphere, knowledge and education, along with employment opportunities. A digital divide exists between those who have access to broadband Internet and those who do not. Families who lack access to broadband Internet are at a disadvantage.

To ensure that all families in the state of New York have equal access to broadband Internet, the Northeast Comprehensive Center (NCC) was asked in the Spring of 2014 to prepare a brief, which highlights examples of programs, initiatives, and laws the state of New York and other states in the United States have implemented to address the widening gap between those who have access to broadband Internet and those who do not. This brief closely aligns to a growing initiative throughout the country, which supports ensuring broadband Internet access and adoption while closing the digital divide. To ensure New York is not inadvertently widening the divide, it is crucial that the following three areas are examined:

  • Develop a Detailed Sense of Current Options Available in New York
  • Involvement of Municipalities
  • What is Happening in Other States

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Jason Gaines, Monique C. Morgan, Emily Rukobo, Brandon Saunders, Regional Innovations in Learning Team

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