The Northeast Comprehensive Center (NCC) supports states in our region to strengthen state capacity to implement, support, and sustain initiatives in early learning and improve outcomes for children birth through grade three (3).  NCC supports state leaders in a variety of ways, including assessing needs in priority areas, tailoring and targeting technical assistance, sharing evidence and research-based materials and resources, and facilitating cross-state sharing. NCC actively facilitates cross-state sharing by building on existing opportunities to convene the early learning leaders and sharing/discussing resources with individual state leaders.

NCC’s efforts focus on:

  • Developing regional approaches to facilitate shared interests that will increase state capacity in early learning; and
  • Sharing research-and evidence-based policies and practices with SEA staff to build their capacity to strengthen their early learning efforts.
  • Building relationships with external partners, e.g., the Center on Enhancing Early Learning Outcomes to identify research, evidence-based policies and practices, and assessments in response to states’ needs.

Our Team

  • Sarah Hughes, Regional Initiative Leader

Contact Sarah Hughes, the Regional Initiative Leader, for more information or support.