NCC is facilitating New Hampshire Commissioner of Education, Virginia M. Barry’s first meeting of the Task Force on Early Learning on January 22 in Concord, New Hampshire. The Task Force will be represented by school leaders from across the state. The goals of the meeting are to:

(1) Agree upon the key principles/understandings that underlie research-based developmentally appropriate practice (DAP) and whole child development in kindergarten – 3rd grade that support competent and confident children;

(2) Identify the barriers to understanding, communicating, implementing DAP within standards-based framework and current school environment;

(3) Develop a plan to build understanding and frame communications around DAP in kindergarten – 3rd grade that promote developmentally appropriate practice; and,

(4) Identify, highlight and leverage high quality standards-based DAP within the state that support development of the whole child.

Check for future posts to learn more about this exciting initiative.

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