The NCCs Regional Innovations in Learning team is working with the New York State Education Department and subject matter expert, Dr. Ellie Drago-Severson, Professor of Education Leadership and Adult Learning and Leadership, Columbia University, Teachers College. Collaboratively, we will frame a dynamic agenda and series of activities for our districts participating in the March DTSDE PLC face-to-face session to be held on March 18 & 19, 2014. This event will bring all ten districts together to examine an expanded notion of leadership that includes adult development as shared by Dr. Drago-Severson.

Participants will have access to reading materials and discussion prompts in advance of the two day session to help them reflect on the topic of Adult Development. During the working group session, teams will work together through a series of activities to refine their ideas of leadership. “We will focus on research on adult learning theories and their connection to leadership practices; adult developmental theory and how it can inform practice; pillar practices for supporting adult growth and for building capacity; and how these support adults’ growth—capacity building or transformational learning (i.e., learning that helps us develop increased cognitive, affective, intrapersonal and interpersonal capacities to better manage the complexities of leading, learning, teaching and living). I am very much looking forward to learning with and from such a dedicated, giving and inspiring group of educators,” says presenter, Dr. Drago-Severson.

Anushka Paul, Monique C. Morgan, Regional Innovations in Learning Team

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