The Regional Innovations in Learning team supports states and districts in our region by providing technical assistance, rapid response research, and professional development support related to best practices in innovations in learning. The team coordinates with experts in the field and works with state and local education agencies to identify and scale up innovative approaches to teaching and learning that significantly improve student outcomes. Innovations in Learning is defined on two learning levers: curriculum management and personalized learning. The process of innovation entails an idea spawning a discovery that leads to an invention that, through innovation, is adapted or refined for specific uses or in particular contexts. An innovation replaces the standard product, program, practice, or process with something better, thus creating a new standard. This definition is the core of services provided under the Innovations in Learning Initiative.

NCC’s efforts focus on:

  • Building capacity around virtual learning across the Northeast by facilitating the development of a virtual learning program rubric to design and evaluate virtual learning programs and subsequently support implementation of these programs;
  • Organizing and coordinating online professional learning communities (PLCs) related to innovations in learning that disseminates cutting-edge research to provide new types of evidence and customize and improve learning; and
  • Accessing and curating scientifically- based research that considers state context and policy implications of specific topics related to innovations in learning.

Our Team

  • Anushka Shirali, Regional Initiative Leader
  • Josh D’Ambrosio
  • Esther Lee
  • Monique C. Morgan

Contact Anushka Shirali, the Regional Initiative Leader, for more information or support.