Each Content Center provides expertise and services specific to high priority areas to the Regional Comprehensive Centers and the State Education Agencies (SEAs). Each Content Center focuses on one key priority area:

  • Implementing college- and career-ready standards and aligned, high-quality assessments for all students
  • Identifying, recruiting, developing and retaining highly effective teachers and leaders
  • Turning around the lowest performing schools
  • Ensuring the school readiness and success of preschool-age children and their successful transition to kindergarten
  • Building rigorous instructional pathways that support the successful transition of all students from secondary education to college without the need for remediation, and to careers
  • Identifying and scaling up innovative approaches to teaching and learning that significantly improve student outcomes
  • Increasing the capacity of states to implement their key initiatives statewide and support the school-level implementation of effective practices

According to its area of expertise, each Content Center must provide technical assistance and identify, synthesize, and disseminate research-based practices and emerging promising practices that will lead to the increased capacity of SEAs to support districts and schools in implementing the key initiative. These Centers supply much of the research-based information and products in the specific area that Regional Comprehensive Centers use when working with SEAs.

Center on College and Career Readiness and Success
The Center helps states better inform, align and support efforts to ensure that all students are ready for success in college and career.The Center serves as a dynamic technical assistance hub for Regional Comprehensive Centers and SEAs that promote CCRS knowledge development. A three-tiered technical assistance approach is accomplished through 1) a cache of new CCRS resources, tools, webinars and national symposia at the university level; 2) communities of practice, responsive TA, and collaborative projects involving a subset of Regional Comprehensive Centers and states at the targeted level; and 3) rapid research, development and dissemination projects at thee intensive level.

American Institutes for Research (AIR)
Susan Therriault, Director
1000 Thomas Jefferson Street NW
Washington, DC 20007
Tel: 202-403-6161

Center on Enhancing Early Learning Outcomes
The Center  will strengthen the capacity of State Educational Agencies (SEAs) to lead sustained improvements in early learning opportunities for children from birth through third grade. Five objectives drive the work of the Center:

  • Improving states’ knowledge about and use of early childhood comprehensive assessment systems
  • Enhancing the use of assessment data and other information to improve program quality
  • Increasing the knowledge and skills of the early learning workforce
  • Strengthening the alignment of birth through third grade educational policies and systems, and
  • Increasing the coordination of resources and policies across state and local systems

The overall project outcome is to work in partnership with SEAs to promote innovation and accountability in early childhood education that leads to increased school readiness and school success

National Institute for Early Education Research
Rutgers University
Lori Connors-Tadros, Director
73 Easton Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Tel: 703-624-1127

Center on Innovations in Learning
The Center provides technical assistance for Regional Comprehensive Centers and State Education Agencies (SEAs) to build the capacity of SEAs to achieve the following objectives:

  • Stimulating learning innovation through SEA policies, structures, and programs that encourage and incentivize the development of learning innovations in the SEA, districts and schools
  • Selecting and adopting learning innovation by applying criteria and processes
  • Implementing learning innovation through planning and performance management methods and tools to ensure sustainability and
  • Scaling-up learning innovation through multifaceted dissemination and technology

Temple University
Marilyn Murphy, Director
1301 Cecil B. Moore Avenue
Ritter Annex, Suite 459
Philadelphia, PA 19122
Tel: 215-204-3372

Center on Standards and Assessments Implementation
The Center is guided by four specific project goals: 1) improving state policies, practices, and support to districts for implementation of college- and career-readiness standards and assessments; 2) increasing the capacity of the Regional Comprehensive Centers to meet the technical assistance needs of states to increase the capacity of teachers to deliver effective instruction and of principals to serve as effective instructional leaders; 3) continuously improving the operational efficiency and effectiveness of CSAI to support the long-term sustainability of reform efforts; and 4) expanding the reach of the CSAI through successful collaboration with national associations, other research and technical assistance centers, and other organizations.

Dr. Andrew Latham, Co-Director
Deb Sigman, Co-Director
730 Harrison Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
Tel: 415-615-3154

Center on Great Teachers and Leaders
The Center fosters the capacity of practitioners, researchers, innovators, and experts to build and sustain a system of support for teachers and leaders. The Center outlines six focal areas: 1) building systems to develop the knowledge and skills of  teachers and leaders with an emphasis on improving instruction to help students meet new college- and career-ready standards; 2) building systems to ensure the equitable distribution of effective teachers and to meet the demand in hard-to-staff schools and subjects and in rural areas; 3) building systems to recruit, reward, retain, and support effective teachers and leaders; 4) building human capital management systems for teachers and leaders; 5) creating safe school environments and increasing academic engagement for all students through behavior management and appropriate discipline, and 6) using data from human capital management systems to guide professional development and improve instruction.

American Institutes for Research (AIR)
Lynn Holdheide, Intermin Director
1000 Thomas Jefferson Street NW
Washington, DC 20007-3835
Tel: 202-403-6321

Center on School Turnaround
The Center focuses on the needs of State Educational Agencies (SEAs) with the following four objectives:

  • Assisting SEAs develop and align policies, procedures, and resources to create a pro-turnaround statutory and regulatory environment
  • Building capacity of SEAs to effectively administer and manage school turnaround related programs
  • Supporting SEAs to deliver targeted and timely technical assistance to districts and schools working on turnaround efforts, and
  • Assisting SEAs to build the political will to overcome reluctance and resistance to making the hard decisions and doing the hard work to turn schools around

The Center will use four research-supported technical assistance strategies: information creation and dissemination, networks of practice, tools and systems, and demonstration projects.

Carlas McCauley, Director
1000 G Street, Suite 500
Sacramento, CA 95814
Tel: 916-492-4039

Center on Building State Capacity and Productivity
The Center provides states with high quality information, tools, and implementation support that enables their transition to a more active role in managing performance. The Center builds SEA capacity through:

  • Developing new leadership skills to transform the SEA and guide improvement of districts
  • Creating new organizational structures to support assessmnt, intervention and innovaton
  • Adopting new systems to assess performance and productivity, communicating expectations and opportunities across all levels of the organization, and intervening with districts
  • Acquiring new expertise in fiscal analysis, district intervention and external partnerships, and
  • Adopting new policies that bolster flexibility and incentivize productivity and performance gains

Edvance Research Inc.
Dr. Dean Nafziger, Director
9901 1H-10 West, Suite 1000
San Antonio, TX 78230
Tel: 210-558-4101