ctThe Northeast Comprehensive Center (NCC) provides ongoing strategic planning assistance to leaders in the Connecticut State Department of Education’s (CSDE) Talent Office to train educators and evaluators for statewide implementation of its educator evaluation systems. As the CSDE enters its second full year of implementation for both the teacher and administrator evaluation systems, the NCC assists the CSDE to address emerging and projected long range implementation issues.

Our state activities consist of:

  • Providing professional development resources around setting student growth targets and creating effective assessments for use in student learning objectives would strengthen the evaluation process.
  • Identifying best practices and resources that assists state educators to guide districts and address challenges to assist LEAs to strengthen teacher practice and student learning.
  • Assisting CSDE to address the need to create effective evaluation systems for educators in non-traditional education settings, specifically educators working in programs under the direction of the Department of Children and Families, educators working in secure juvenile justice facilities, and educators working in private special education programs.
  • Assisting the CSDE in strategic planning by providing technical assistance for initiatives such as the ESEA Flexibility Waiver Renewal application and the Connecticut Plan to Ensure Equitable Access to Excellent Educators.

Our Team

  • Joseph Frey, State Liaison
  • Susan Kirkendol
  • Jack Schwarz

Contact Joseph Frey, the State Liaison, for more information or support.