ctThe Northeast Comprehensive Center (NCC) provides ongoing strategic planning assistance to leaders in the Connecticut State Department of Education’s (CSDE) Talent and Turnaround Offices.

Our state activities consist of:

  • Facilitating the CSDE work group examining how best to support computer science instruction in Connecticut’s K-12 schools. As Connecticut moves forward to strengthen its computer science programming, the NCC assists the Talent Office to assess how teacher training and certification requirements can support computer science in the schools.
  • Providing technical assistance to CSDE as it relates to implementing evidence-based research, including but not limited to: identifying evidence-based research comporting to the requirements in the What Works Clearinghouse, assisting in developing protocols and processes that LEAs can following to identify appropriate evidence-based practices not included on the state list, connecting CSDE personnel with SEA colleagues in the NCC region to share ideas and practices with respect to implementing evidence-based practices under ESSA, and reviewing materials and protocols developed by CSDE to implement evidence-based research.
  • Assisting CSDE in strategic planning by providing technical assistance for the Connecticut Plan to Ensure Equitable Access to Excellent Educators. Specifically, the NCC is assisting the CSDE to identify professional learning resources that build educators’ cultural competence, and to develop and implement plans to address priority gaps in the talent pipeline.

Our Team

  • Joseph Frey, State Liaison
  • Susan Kirkendol
  • Jack Schwarz

Contact Joseph Frey, the State Liaison, for more information or support.