Year 6 Project Overview: Connecticut Teacher Certification

Like most states, Connecticut is experiencing a teacher shortage in many certification areas. Additionally, with dwindling staff positions, the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) must explore ways in which current certification systems, processes, and procedures can be revised and streamlined to address shortage areas in an effective and efficient manner. The certification structure is also being revised to attract new, qualified candidates into the teaching profession. All of these factors point to the need for a comprehensive review of procedures, policies, and requirements relating to teacher certification.

NCC is assisting CSDE with this multi-prong problem, initially supporting CSDE to address the critical shortage of teachers certified to teach science. NCC is providing knowledge resources, planning, and facilitation support for the science certification work groups, as well as assisting CSDE’s Talent Office to formulate recommendations based on evidence-based resources and stakeholder input for new science certification opportunities and requirements. As a result, CSDE will have: 1) a blended science teaching certificate, and 2) a computer science teaching certificate accompanied by plans to develop programs and support for candidates to successfully complete the certification requirements and fill critical positions.

Progress to Date

  • In October 2017, NCC staff met with the certification team and the report to the Commissioner on the recommendations from the science certification work group relating to science teacher certification were discussed. The report was adjusted based on an additional review from program staff.
  • Additionally, preliminary discussions were undertaken on how the work relating to the computer science certification work group should proceed.

Research, Resources and Collaborations

NCC staff reported that the New York State Education Department was also working on this issue. Accordingly, information will be shared between the states to better inform this work.

Contact Person

For more information, contact Joe Frey at

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